Woolworths Group: Bespoke RAP Artwork

It was Gilimbaa’s privilege to work with the Woolworths Group team and First Nations Advisory Board to deliver a bespoke artwork for its 2023 Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan.

‘A Brave Heart for a Better Tomorrow’ by David Williams tells the story of Woolworths Group’s reconciliation journey. It’s a journey that began many years ago. A journey with many steps left to take. A journey that leaves no part of Australia untouched. At the artwork’s heart is a place where everyone belongs. A place where people unite and slow down to listen. A place of courage and inspiration.

Woolworths Group’s values: ‘we care deeply’, ‘we listen and learn’, and ‘we do the right thing’ are important elements of this story, connected to its heart. Its strategic pillars are vital to moving the story forward. The footprints of ancient trading routes are threaded throughout.

Connections with First Nations communities grow as Woolworths Group moves from safe to brave; building momentum that evokes camaraderie and creates ripples of change felt in diverse communities all over Australia.

And as this story unfolds, the brave steps Woolworths Group takes will help lead us towards a more reconciled nation and, ultimately, a better future for everyone.

For more information about reconciliation at Woolworths Group, visit its website or watch an animation about the artwork here.

Photos by Joseph Mayers.

Gilimbaa Woolworths Group launch 1
Gilimbaa Woolworths Group launch 3
Gilimbaa Woolworths Group launch 5
Gilimbaa Woolworths Group launch 6
Gilimbaa Woolworths Group RAP document artwork explainer