Cancer Australia: 'Our Mob and Cancer' Videography

Created by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, Cancer Australia’s ‘Our Mob and Cancer’ website is filled with important information all about cancer, respecting culture, Country, and community.

The site was developed by Cancer Australia to be a central hub of current content and resources; bringing together the latest statistics and information that is evidence-based and meeting the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, people with cancer and their health professionals.

Gilimbaa worked with Cancer Australia and its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander expert reference group to develop a suite of videos to be housed on the site. The subjects covered were: (1) early detection and screening; (2) shame, stigma and nihilism; (3) dealing with a diagnosis; (4) treatment; and (5) Sorry Business, as well as an introductory video featuring expert reference group members. Gilimbaa pre-interviewed the video talent, developed scripts and storyboards, and directed, filmed and edited the final videos.

Header artwork by Riki Salam of We are 27 Creative

Visit the Our Mob and Cancer website to view the videos.

Gilimbaa Our Mob and Cancer1
Gilimbaa Our Mob and Cancer2