Keeping our kids healthy and strong

Gilimbaa worked with QAIHC (the peak body representing the Community Controlled Health Sector in Queensland) to develop an engaging and informative animation to promote the importance of vaccination to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents and carers.

Our creative approach was based on empowering parents and shining a light on the fundamental role they play in shaping their children’s future health and happiness. Recognising the negative misconceptions the target audience can have about vaccinations, our creative team focused on reinforcing the proven, positive effect vaccination has on the entire community.

Our creative direction was centred around achieving cut-through by creating a fresh new creative concept, ensuring the final resources stand out from the crowd of health messages by delivering concise and informative messaging in a fun and unique way. With a younger target audience, we took the opportunity to push the style into a more abstract and stylized aesthetic.

The result is a unique communications resource which is aspirational and positive, using unique characters, props and typography to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents and carers to make the best possible decisions for the health and well-being of our children.