National Reconciliation Week 2019

To address the theme of ‘race relations’ for National Reconciliation Week 2019, Reconciliation Australia tasked Gilimbaa with designing a national, integrated campaign that was positive, impactful, and inspired the nation to consider its position on race relations. The perfect theme to encapsulate the need to face what are sometimes uncomfortable truths was ‘Grounded in Truth’, with the supporting tagline ‘Walk Together With Courage’ offering a positive and enlightened glimpse of a better future for all Australians.

Gilimbaa developed The Tree of Truth, starting with roots as a metaphor for our past and what grows from understanding and accepting the truth of our history, with a heart as the energy force linking the past, present and future. The Tree of Truth became a platform for truth-telling all over Australia, being viewed 500,000 times on social media, and appearing on 50,000 posters and in animated form on big screens everywhere.

grounded in truth nrw2019

How Gilimbaa created the Tree of Truth...When bringing together Reconciliation Australia's Tree of Truth animation for National Reconciliation Week, we were drawn to the idea of roots as a metaphor for our history, leading to the idea of a tree as a representation of a positive future grounded in truth. The design was led by our wonderful designer, Niqui Branchu.Check it out!#GroundedinTruth #WalkTogether2019

Posted by Gilimbaa on Wednesday, 29 May 2019