ISPT: Reflect RAP Motif Artwork

Gilimbaa was proud to have worked with ISPT on its ‘Reflect’ Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) artwork motif, ‘Invested in All, The Richer We Grow’, developed by David Williams.

The seed is planted, knowledge is shared, and connections are formed. As ISPT formally embarks on its reconciliation journey, its values and vision as an organisation are embedded into its reconciliation artwork.

At the centre, culture and diversity of its people are embedded. The concentric circles represent where ISPT is today and what its reconciliation journey aspires to achieve. The vibrant colour palette represents sand, sun and water – elements integral for our communities.

Radiating out from the centre is ISPT’s connection to, and recognition of, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and acknowledgement of their rightful place within this country. As ISPT employees and stakeholders connect and learn, this recognition becomes part of everyday life. Each circle represents this path to learning and increases as knowledge grows.

Find out more about ISPT at its website.

Gilimbaa ISPT RAP document artwork motif 1
Gilimbaa ISPT RAP document artwork motif 2
Gilimbaa ISPT RAP document artwork motif 3