QSuper - RAP Artwork and Cultural Toolkit

Gilimbaa worked with QSuper to create a brand-new RAP artwork and element suite. The systems and structures of QSuper and the superannuation industry are represented as the systems and structures found in nature.

QSuper staff are represented by the Australian native blue banded bee. This humble bee plays a critical part in the wellbeing of the wildflower garden. As it spreads pollen it allows the flowers to grow and gathers nectar to produce honey. The bee is an expert communicator, able to talk to the rest of the hive about the location and needs of each flower. The bee is adaptable to the flow of the wind and weather and able to alter its honey collection in accordance with the conditions.

QSuper’s unique story is one where its ecosystem works to support members to financially thrive, flourish and grow. Superannuation and financial health are represented by the liquid golden honey stored in the honeycomb. The flower creates with nectar and pollen, giving these to the bee to turn into honey. Honey is the outcome of hard work and investment by both the wildflower and the bee.

Find out more at the QSuper website.

Gilimbaa QSuper cultural toolkit image