Queensland Treasury: Motif Artwork

Gilimbaa was delighted to be invited by Queensland Treasury to develop an artwork to better connect with and represent First Nations peoples all over Queensland. The artwork ‘Rich history, thriving future’ by David Williams was created to tell the story of Queensland Treasury acknowledging and celebrating First Nations peoples, cultures, and contributions.

In feedback to our team, Queensland Treasury has shared, “We are privileged to share the artwork and story with our audiences, including for the 2023-24 Queensland Budget”.

It’s a story that begins at the heart of the state’s economy; Queensland Treasury’s place of duty and responsibility. The starting point of a journey towards being more inclusive than ever before. By connecting with First Nations people in exciting new ways and sharing stories old and new in relation to the land and its people, they can build strong and authentic relationships for the benefit of every Queenslander.

Just as Queensland Treasury plays an essential role in securing Queensland’s future for generations to come, the importance of contributions by First Nations people to our state cannot be overstated. It is Queensland Treasury’s responsibility and honour to recognise and celebrate First Nations cultures, contributions, and achievements, and create connections with First Nations people and communities wherever they can.

By taking these steps to connect meaningfully with communities all over Queensland, Queensland Treasury can help pave the way to a shared and more equitable future where every Queenslander has the chance to thrive.

To find out more about Queensland Treasury, visit its website.

Gilimbaa Queensland Treasury artwork symbolism 2023