Synapse: Design Treatment

Synapse provides targeted research, and specialist housing, services and support for Australians impacted by brain injury and disability.

Gilimbaa worked with Synapse to develop a cultural design treatment to be incorporated into its existing brand guidelines. The treatment equips the Synapse team with a tailored visual style that engages its intended audience and purpose while retaining consistency to remain on‑brand at all times.

As Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people we are connected to Country, connected to community and connected to culture. Through these connections our identity is strengthened by the knowledge and customs passed down through generations.

This piece represents the importance of all of these aspects and how they visually work together and aims to provide a link with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people and the importance of the work that Synapse does within our communities.

For more information about Synapse, visit its website.

Gilimbaa Synapse 2
Gilimbaa Synapse 3
Gilimbaa Synapse 5