NITV: Rebrand (BADC Award Winner 2022)

Songs are sung, clapsticks are struck, and the heartbeat of our culture is heard.

Our songlines traverse Country, carrying stories, lore and custom passed down through generations. We are a nation of many nations and are connected across the country as a diverse and strong people; continuing our stories and carrying our strength in our identity in contemporary times.

Our people are culturally dynamic as we share and celebrate the oldest continuing culture on earth. Our stories and customs will continue. Strong culture, strong stories, and strong communities.

The new NITV brandmark, developed by David Williams, incorporates the clapstick, or Bilma, as it is known in North-East Arnhem land; a universal symbol for rhythm that pulses and creates a structure to our song and dance. As the clapsticks are struck, the rhythm, represented by songlines, is carried across the country, connecting and celebrating our culture. These elements together represent NITV; the home of First Nations storytelling in Australia.

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David Williams Gilimbaa NITV master artwork