Thiess: Reflect RAP Bespoke Artwork

Thiess is the world’s largest mining services provider whose expertise spans most of the world’s commodities including metallurgical and thermal coal, iron ore, copper, nickel, gold, diamonds and oil sands.

Gilimbaa worked with artist Rachael Sarra (Goreng Goreng) on its Reflect RAP artwork that serves as a visual reminder and everyday call to action. The artwork is a commitment to understanding the past; the rich and strong connection that First Nations people have to the land and the important role this plays in not only business but in all of our lives and decisions.

It also explores the complex journey of reconciliation; acknowledging the strong connection to the land that First Nations people have always had.

Find out more at the Thiess website.

Thiess Gilimbaa RAP artwork Rachael Sarra
thiess reflect rap artwork gilimbaa rachael sarra