Western Sydney Local Health District: Motif Artwork

Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) is a leader in clinical services, research and education providing a diverse range of public healthcare to more than 946,000 residents on Darug country in Sydney’s west.

Gilimbaa was delighted to work with WSLHD on a cultural visual identity for its brand-new Aboriginal health microsite. ‘Our Past Respected, Our Future Stronger’ by David Williams was created for this purpose.

The artwork tells the story of an organisation with deep-rooted values. A story of a culturally rich community. And the story of the vitality of the Country and waterways that have sustained First Nations people for thousands of years. At the heart of the artwork is WSLHD. Its surrounding eight values, connected by mauve, are closely intertwined and cannot exist alone. They represent a warm and culturally appropriate place where community can feel safe, empowered, and proud. There is a place for everyone at WSLHD.

The local Aboriginal community is shown within the artwork by the colour red and is made stronger by each of WSLHD’s values. Strength in culture is strength in community. Country and waterways are vital to WSLHD’s story; and that of First Nations peoples, and are reflected in the artwork, too. Connections to the land and water are ongoing and have always existed.

As WSLHD renews its commitment to building even stronger connections with First Nations peoples, communities’ histories and futures are respected and strengthened.

For more information about Western Sydney Local Health District, visit its website.

Gilimbaa Western Sydney Local Health District artwork 3
Gilimbaa Western Sydney Local Health District artwork 2
Gilimbaa Western Sydney Local Health District artwork 5
Gilimbaa Western Sydney Local Health District artwork 6