Shine Lawyers: Cultural Pattern

For thousands of generations, First Nations families and communities raised their children strong and safe in their culture. Today, First Nations children and young persons are significantly overrepresented at every point of the child safety system, from notifications to investigations, removals into out of home care, and permanent removals.

Despite multiple reviews and inquiries into the system of child protection over the last 30 years, the over-representation of First Nations children in out of home care has increased in every jurisdiction in Australia.

Shine Lawyers’ proposed First Nations Child Removal Class Action Investigation alleges that the Departments of Child Protection engaged in unlawful racial discrimination in their investigation of First Nations children, in the removal of First Nations children from their families, and in failing to reunify First Nations children with their families following removal.

Gilimbaa’s brief was to create a cultural design to cohesively represent the class action in all four states on a variety of print and digital resources. The design was created by Navada Currie, with one side showing the darkness and harm caused, while the opposite side shows the growth of re-connection to family and discovering one’s identity and culture.

For more information about the class action, visit the Shine Lawyers website.

Gilimbaa Shine Lawyers National Child Protection artwork 7