Mater: Reflect RAP Bespoke Artwork

Mater is a catholic, not-for-profit ministry of Mercy Partners, guided by the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy, who first established Mater in 1906 when they built the first Mater Private Hospital. This was the start of a tradition of care and compassion for the sick and needy that continues to inspire today.

Gilimbaa was delighted to be invited by the Mater team to work on the development of a bespoke artwork for its Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan.

Gilimbaa’s David Williams created the artwork, ‘The Heart to Heal, the Strength to Grow’ to tell the story of Mater’s history, heritage, and its reconciliation vision: ‘Our door is open, everyone is welcome, and no-one gets left behind’.

For more information on Mater check out its website.