MLC Life Insurance: Reflect RAP Motif Artwork

MLC Life Insurance was founded in Australia in 1886 and is led by a noble purpose: a promise for life.

Gilimbaa was delighted to create a motif artwork to tell the story of MLC Life Insurance’s commitment to its reconciliation journey, with ‘Invested in an Equitable Future for All’ by David Williams the final result.

“We are an organisation with strong values at our heart; values represented at the centre of the artwork. They exist beyond mere words, but in humble, authentic actions driven by the genuine commitment to do what’s right. We aim to support all Australians with our products and to shine a light for those in the wider industry to follow. We know we can use our position for good. We know collaboration is key to bringing better results.

And we know we should do more for First Nations people than we have in the past. We recognise and address historical and ongoing injustices experienced by First Nations people. Through our position, we will seek to address those as we continue our reconciliation journey with a respectful and honest commitment.

By truly listening to understand on this journey of growth, learning, and action, we can meaningfully connect – through connections shown flowing from the edges of the artwork – with the people and communities we seek to empower. And by being prepared to work hard to deliver together we are invested in creating a more equitable future for all.”

For more information about MLC Life Insurance, visit its website.

Gilimbaa MLC Life Insurance artwork 5
Gilimbaa MLC Life Insurance artwork 6
Gilimbaa MLC Life Insurance artwork 3