Translational Research Institute: Reflect RAP Motif Artwork

The Translational Research Institute (TRI) is Australia’s first translational medical research institute dedicated to translating scientific discoveries into applications for medical practice.

Gilimbaa worked with TRI to develop a motif artwork for its inaugural Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan, with the artwork ‘Let their voices guide us and connect us to a healthier future’ being the end result.

This artwork tells the story of TRI’s reconciliation journey. A story that started with collaboration. A story built on the strength of its relationships. A story whose future depends on connection. Through this spirit of connection and collaboration, First Nations voices are embedded throughout TRI, allowing culture to be celebrated, stories to be shared, and a better future to be had by all.

For more information about the Translational Research Institute see its website.

Gilimbaa Translational Research Institute RAP artwork David Williams
Gilimbaa Translational Research Institute RAP artwork1
Gilimbaa Translational Research Institute RAP artwork4