Gamuda Australia: Reflect RAP Motif Artwork and RAP Design

Gamuda is a global engineering, property and infrastructure company with an excellent track record of delivering world-class major projects. Its strength lies in its ability to identify, innovate and deliver breakthrough solutions which improve the standard of living for the communities in which it operates.

The company, founded in Malaysia, has strong values including respect, trust, connections, positive impact, sustainability and innovation, and the core theme for its Reflect RAP artwork was the idea of ‘Together, Weaving Our Future’. The artwork embodies the idea that everyone who works for Gamuda has a role to play in realising the importance of reconciliation, recognising the impact they can make no matter how small, and reacting through positive and meaningful actions.

The Gamuda RAP artwork, completed by Gilimbaa’s David Williams, respects the company’s cultural origins and recognises what role it plays today that will allow pathways to be created for a better and more equitable future.

Find out more at the Gamuda Australia website.

Gamuda Gilimbaa RAP artwork 1
Gamuda Gilimbaa RAP artwork 2
Gamuda Gilimbaa RAP artwork 3
Gamuda Gilimbaa RAP artwork 4