1967 Referendum 50th Anniversary Stamp

The 1967 Referendum was a powerful moment in history that acknowledged the identity of our First People. It proved that Australians are capable of uniting together to create change, with more than 90% of Australians voting ‘Yes’ for constitutional change. Together with Australia Post, Gilimbaa set out to create a narrative that held a simple yet powerful message of identity, courage and unity: an important message that would go beyond the stamp to educate and empower the nation.

Contemporary dot art elements and curved lines form a simple yet powerful symbol of two fingerprints merging to form one. The dotted print represents the fundamental place Aboriginal and Torres Strait people and culture have in this story. Inspired by the iconic referendum campaign typography, “yes” boldly sits over the fingerprint, symbolising our strength in unity in what we have achieved and the journey that still lies ahead. The limited edition stamp was launched as a collectible issue at Old Parliament House, Canberra and was sold nationwide through Australia Post stores.