Yarn Safe

headspace engaged Gilimbaa to create a national campaign to increase support and access for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth to headspace services and to explore and understand the lives and issues of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth in Australia.

In order to gain a true understanding of the key issues, Gilimbaa created a creative strategy that would allow youth voices and perspectives to drive and inform the campaign at every stage. Over the course of four years Gilimbaa formed national creative working groups and travelled the country, capturing the lives, issues, places and spaces of youth in Australia. Harnessing both common ground and diversity, Gilimbaa created a body of work from campaign posters, to a hip hop video clip and merchandise – all driven by the voices and lives of Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander youth. The headspace Yarnsafe campaign saw a 39% increase in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth accessing mental health services – a number that continues to increase today.

Got a lot going on

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth in remote communities worked with headspace, Indigenous Hip Hop Projects (IHHP) and Gilimbaa to create the ‘Got a lot going on’ music video.