Vertex Pharmaceuticals: Cultural Element

We were excited to be asked by Vertex to create a cultural element that brings to life the vision and goals of the Australian arm of the business.

The element has been designed to be used across various internal platforms as a symbolic representation of Vertex’s commitment to recognising and appreciating the oldest continuing cultures in the world: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

At the heart of Vertex are its people, represented by the strength and versatility of triangles. Surrounding this are patients and their families; individuals coming together on their journey to wellbeing. The concentric circles surrounding patients and families reflect Vertex’s values and the ongoing support it provides; ensuring they are never alone on their path.

The weaving lines flow through and connect us to our past and to our future, recognising the First Nations peoples who have come before, their land on which we live and work, and their ongoing resilience and strength.

Find out more about Vertex at its website.