Gilimbaa provides holistic solutions to a range of clients—locally, nationally and internationally.
The following is a sample of the teams recent work:

Every Day Counts
Client: Queensland Government Department of Education and Training

The Queensland Department of Education and Training engaged Gilimbaa to create an animation that helps encourage kids to stay in school. The key message is that 'every day counts at school'. We developed our lead character Jimmy and his dog Sam - voiced by NRL player Sam Thaiday - to portray scenarios emphasising how important it is to turn up for school every day.

Reconciliation Australia

The logo represents our organisation’s brand essence—a strong and united reconciliation journey. The logo has been created to convey a clear and strong vision for reconciliation. A single unbroken line radiates outwards and makes up five arches, representing the five dimensions of reconciliation. The logo can be viewed as both a singular line, a pathway to reconciliation, or as five separate dimensions woven together, symbolising that the five dimensions of reconciliation must be woven together in order for reconciliation to be fully realised. It creates a direct line back to its origin, symbolising our connection with our history.

The “Our History, Our Story, Our Future” Reconciliation Australia animation is the culmination of 6 months work and collaboration with Gilimbaa and Reconciliation Australia. The team worked together to create story that would inform, mobilise and unite Australia towards Reconciliation and a strong future together. Gilimbaa would also love to thank Fred Leone- Voice Over and Wayne Qulliam- Photography. 
The State of Reconciliation Australia Report which was released with the above animation is the first of its kind since 2000, the Report highlights what has been achieved under the five dimensions of reconciliation: race relations, equality and equity, institutional integrity, unity, and historical acceptance and makes recommendations on how we can progress reconciliation into the next generation. 

Yarn Safe

Australia's national youth mental health organisation - engaged Gilimbaa to help create the nation's first youth-led national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth mental health campaign of its kind. 'Yarn Safe' was developed with a group of 12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people from rural, remote and urban communities across Australia. 

Over one year and a series of workshops, teleconferences and online contact, Gilimbaa worked closely with the headspace team and the 12 young people to workshop key messages and creative ideas. The result, was a campaign that took the team all over Australia, from Broome to Brisbane, Melbourne to Darwin, to capture the lives and issues young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders around the nation have today. The campaigns aims are to increase the awareness of headspace as a place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people to seek information, help and support.

Environmental Design

Gilimbaa was approached to design a 2.5 by 56 metre walkway through the Queensland Performing Arts Centre tunnel as part of ‘Those Days…A living History Project’ for Clancestry 2014. Showcasing a collection of personal stories and images from Indigenous elders and community leaders of South Brisbane, it educates a wider audience about the significance of the area for the Indigenous community. The design takes the viewer on a historical journey along a traditional ‘memory line’ using photos, textures and overlays to represent a long, and culturally rich history. It was viewed by over 17 000 people.

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
Logo design

Gilimbaa was approached to design the 2014 G20 logo. The concept needed cultural significance and to draw inspiration from Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage. The Torres Strait Islander weaving forms a Rainbow Serpent, an Indigenous creation spirit that formed the landscape and connected people to the land by bringing law and knowledge.

This was worked into the design using a weave pattern and a fluid design that gives a sense of continuity and movement, representing the physical and spiritual beliefs of both Indigenous cultures. The identity now sits on an international stage, representing the gathering of world leaders. The design team of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet rolled out the G20 brand across multiple environments.